What is the Distillery Gervin?

“Gervin is a book that was started in 1976 by my father, Germain. A kind of book of spells, filled with a love of products, quality and savoir-faire… pleasure!

With qualifications in hotel management and marketing under my belt, I joined the family firm in 2002. Six years later, making the most of the boost provided by our new premises in Baugnies, I wanted to start a new chapter and give the distillery another push.

Both a well-deserved tribute to my father and an ode to audacity and innovation, the Distillerie Gervin’s reputation has now been built on a really diverse range of spirits, liqueurs and aperitifs.

A remarkable still, where I draw out the essence of subtle combinations of fruits, plants and seeds, produces some exclusive nectars. With every distillation, I have the same wish: that the fruit of my passion will be able to surprise every palate, however demanding.”

Vincent Stiévenart
Artisan Distiller

Our philosophy

  • Gervin is above a family company wich listens to the demands and expectations of its customers.
  • Our primary concern has Always been to maintain the consistency of our products and to ensure that the costumer can Always count on the same level of knowledge and expertise.
  • The challenge for Gervin in the coming years is to become an established nam in distillation while maintaining its family character and artisan style of production.
  • To ensure that our costumers appreciate our way of working and discover a little more about Gervin products by visiting our new distillery.

It is in the spirit of these 4 guiding values that Gervin will continue to exist and serve you.